2019 CrossFit Games OPEN

That time is upon us again, CrossFit Community!

We are only a couple weeks away from the highly anticipated CrossFit Open. For those who are not familiar with the Open, it is a 5-week test of fitness for the CrossFit community, in which Dave Castro creates and announces intense workouts Thursday night that need to be completed by Monday night. Anyone who completes the workouts can see where they measure up by age, area, region etc. weekly or overall. Some CrossFitters feel as though the Open is just for the “pro CrossFit athletes,” but it is created to be accessible to all of the CrossFit community as scaled options are given for every workout just like in an everyday CrossFit class. Age and experience is not a barrier to have fun and gain more knowledge against others while joining in on the fun!

Here at CrossFit PowerHour we program for GPP, general physical preparedness. This helps us year round for strength and fitness and real life situations, but it is always good to have certain goals and feats to strive for year round! I am sure most of you have already taken the hardest step, actually writing down a short and long term goal and holding yourself accountable. The heart of the Open strives on building a healthy, supportive community during friendly competition. There are important reasons to sign up for the Open:

1. To be a part of an amazing community. CrossFit has now become a sport with many followers and many athletes. Hundreds of thousands of people sign up every year to take part of the Open. Yes, you get ranked by location, age, and gender, but that’s no reason to shy away from it. Each CrossFit box invents their own in-house Open friendly competition to build up the excitement and community.

2. Making your goals a reality, to see how far you’ve come or can push yourself. As CrossFitters, we go to the gym 3-5 times a week, sometimes even more, to give it our all during workouts, most of the time winded on the floor when the clock stops at 0:00. The Open is created to showcase those efforts and get you to that next level. If local competitions seem too far-fetched, or maybe just aren’t ready to go head to head with other CrossFitters during a full day fitness test, the Open is one of the best steps by just inputting online scores. Just think of it like inputting your WOD scores at your local CrossFit box. The Open is a time where that amazing progress can be seen.

3. The main reason is WE can ALL do it. It isn’t just for the top athletes. These 5 week workouts are created for the general community. Yes, there are given RX weights, but all WODs can be scaled accordingly so ALL can do it. It is also fun because YOU get to do the same workouts as those elite athletes such as Rich Froning, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Mat Fraser. You get to be cheered on and supported while throwing down side by side with your fellow CrossFitters for 5 full weeks of fun!

You have to believe in yourself, challenge yourself, and push yourself until the very end; that’s the only way you’ll succeed.
— G-Dragon

Each and every year, the Open can be full of memorable moments in which the “everyday,” the seasoned, and the pro athletes can find themselves accomplishing movements and goals that seemed impossible. These moments can be hard to come by or recognize during regular training sessions, so let’s give it a shot and sign up for some community fun!

-Coach Cait

Coach Cait